Rotary E Club Update 16 maart 2022

On April 5th at 9 PM CET, Rotary E-Club Belgium are honored to host Don de Jong, Bergh Rotarian, green entrepreneur in liquid gas and trucking company manager as our guest speaker. His transportation company works with many Ukrainian drivers. Considering the current situation in Ukraine and as he himself mentions, “we cannot sit by and look how this will develop, this does not fit in my Rotary International heart”, his presentation now has an even greater relevance.

On April 5th at 9PM CET, Don de Jong will share how his company is managing the crisis and how he tries to support his employees.

Join us for what will be an interesting first hand account of the impact of the crisis: “We all are worried about our colleagues, co-workers, their families and loved ones” he says.

To join is easy: At April 5th at 9 PM please click on the Zoom link below:

Zoom Meeting ID: 812 5757 7586

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