Okay, now I have shared with you about the bankruptcy of my business in 2009 (in the 2 video’s below), I will also share with you, from now on time to time, information about marketing, sales and personal development.

This information is meant for so called solopreneurs. These are business owners who have a small company, work from home, of from a small office. Who have no staff, or very little staff.

The specialization is working with solopreneurs who sell websites, and /or internet marketing and/or social media. Help them to grow their business. Also help people who want to get started in the business of selling websites, internet marketing and social media to local small business in their own region.

Just to be transparant with you. I am here to provide information to the people who resonate with my message. I am also here to offer my paid business support. If we do not have a “click” please go somewhere else on Facebook, on the internet. I we do have a “click”, feel welcome and let me be of help to you.

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